Out and Proud Week

Here at UCSD there is a week set aside for the LGBT community to celebrate their identities and solidarity. Each day during the week of April 23rd through the 27th from  10 to 3 the booth was out there focusing on a different community component. Being a member of the LGBT community this week resonated with me especially.

I was vaguely aware of this week-long event on library walk simply because I am a part of the e-mailing list my RA sends out with information. It wasn’t until I was able to make my way down to library walk itself that I became aware of it. Immediately visible is a giant rainbow arch across the walkway that serves as a beacon for the Out and Proud Week booth. I was expecting all of the student organizations involved with the LGBT community on campus to be out there to show their visibility.

I walked up to the lonesome booth to be happily surprised. It was a very relaxing booth to be at as opposed to the aggressive flyers that are usually shoved at students faces whenever we dare to walk down to library walk. I was greeted by a man named Shaun Travers who is the director of the LGBT Resource Center on campus. As I was sifting through all the pamphlets and flyers I asked if I could get an interview with him about what this week means to the resource center. His interview enlightened me as to what Out and Proud week was really about. Travers told me about how their booth receives many people asking questions or to just talk.

Out and Proud week at UCSD was a little and small event at first glance. Once one has the ability to actually walk up to these booths and become educated it is truly an eye-opening experience. One of the best things about this week is that it is not necessarily about identifying as a member of the LGBT community but your connections with it as Shaun Travers stated in his interview. The volunteers manning the booth were very open and knowledgeable about any information that anyone had.


About nicolevillanueva91

I currently attend UCSD as a communication major. I moved here from the bay area and I am excited to see where my studies will take me.

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  1. As I noted earlier, Travers is a great resource person to cite with a lot of knowledge about how LGBT issues and the student affairs profession can better intersect to serve LGBT students. You might want to provide more links to specific Out and Proud resources, and since being Out and Proud is also about visual rhetoric, it is probably also important to include positive images in this. If you don’t include photos of the giant rainbow, you could probably do more to use descriptive language and narrative elements, as Sam suggested in her PowerPoint slides now on TED.

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