Day of Silence

This year on April 20, 2012 it was the Day of Silence. I live at the LGBT preference housing on campus and one of my suite-mates is co-chair of the student organization AS Alliance. This club in particular had been dormant and basically nonexistent until recently. The Day of Silence was their first event and being that I live with one of the co-chairs and next to the other I got a little inside look as to what this student organization is doing on campus for students.

The Day of Silence is a day in which participants choose to take a vow of silence in a protest against violence, harassment and bullying towards the LGBT community. During the week prior to the Day of Silence AS Alliance went to the center of all campus “flyering” and “tabling” and set up their own table. Free Day of Silence merchandise, flyers and candy was available for anyone who stopped by the booth. I helped volunteer to help out at the table during the week and I found it very different from the other “flyering” experiences I’ve had. When I was sitting at the booth for no more than two and a half hours I didn’t really have to get up and ask people to take flyers or try and coax them my way to tell them about something they may not actually care about at all. I was happily surprised to see how many people actually approached us. They would often walk by glance at us, then take a second look and come back and ask us what the booth was about. According to the co-chairs, Laura Ross and Jaime Lopez, they signed up over 250 people who were interested in getting more information about what AS Alliance does. Throughout the week we ran out of free shirts to give out but were still out there giving people information and handing out speaking cards and free bracelets. This was a very refreshing experience for me and I am excited to see how AS Alliance will grow as a student organization.


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I currently attend UCSD as a communication major. I moved here from the bay area and I am excited to see where my studies will take me.

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  1. This is a thought-provoking post that certainly brought back a lot of memories from my own college experience. Next week as I go to my college’s 25th reunion we will miss Martin Salinas, who was brutally beaten outside a Manchester club and died back home in Texas from a seizure from the resulting brain damage. Martin was a great classmate to have, and it is shocking to know that he died as a result of gay bashing.

    Like your Out and Proud posting, I think that your Day of Silence could benefit from links, visuals, and more development into paragraphs that show rather than tell. Participating in a day of silence is obviously a personal challenge. Perhaps you can persuade more people to do it next year by describing what you learned by giving up speaking for a day.

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