I have been assigned this blog to do whatever I want with as a “citizen journalism”. I get to choose my “beat”. The class that I am enrolled in is Digital Journalism and I am taking it at UCSD. I have found my beat which is the presence of LGBT on campus here at UCSD. I chose this beat because I have been a part of the LGBT Preference housing on campus in The Village all year and I haven’t really seen much of the LGBT presence on campus as much as I would like. When I first started living here I found out that in the whole building, a five story building with three suites on each floor, only a few rooms actually housed people who identified with the LGBT community.

Coming to college I had expected a little more than what I was seeing. Once, the year started I tried to get involved and see what the campus had to offer with a little digging. My suitemates and I had decided to sign up for this program called Q Camp. It was essentially a tour of the LGBT Resource Center and we got to meet people and those who ran different student organizations that were linked to the resource center. I met a few people but nothing really struck me as something I would want to be a part of.

With this in mind, I decided that this project would be perfect for further exploring what this campus has to offer me not only as a student but as a person as well.


About nicolevillanueva91

I currently attend UCSD as a communication major. I moved here from the bay area and I am excited to see where my studies will take me.

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  1. I think you do a solid job establishing your credibility, both in your “Introductions” posting and in your “About Me” page. Of course, since you are no longer a community college student, it is important to update your “nicolevillanueva91” profile to reflect your current identity and rhetorical position in a research university community.

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